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We offer real web traffic targeted to your site

Web traffic – We offer real web traffic to your site, this traffic comes from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Whatup campaigns, Baidu, Facebook, Linkedin. Traffic sent by us is 100% real. The time spent on your site may vary between 50 seconds and 180 seconds depending on the content you have on the site. The benefits of this targeted traffic campaign are many, we will list some benefits. First, if you have more traffic, your chances of selling your product are rising substantially. The business you have online will be more popular, more people will see your business. Increasing Google positioning, since you get more traffic, targeting a specific country, you automatically grow in rank and in a better positioning Google. 

We can deliver over 50k/day unique visitors from any country.

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More traffic, more impressions, sales, rank improvement

Real web traffic guaranteed 100%. Traffic sent by us is 100% human, bouce-low rates. We can send traffic from Romania, any desired city, targeting target groups, interest categories. Traffic to your site comes from Google, Yahoo, Bing, PoP-UP, Whatup, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. You can also choose to send traffic, for example if you want to deliver web traffic only from Google we can select this option.

Increase number of unique visitors

The number of unique visitors will increase substantially by sending web traffic. Traffic is human, no bots, scripts that generate traffic.

Bounce Rate Improvement

Being a real traffic targeting the interest category, the bounce rate will be low, increasing the time spent on the site by the visitor. A low bounce rate is good for google ranking.

Improve Google ranking.

A great potential for growth in Google positioning due to the high number of unique visitors, low bounce rates, high time spent on the site, interest category specific to the business you are doing.