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I’m really conducting your business further If you read this, probably many have already told you that no business can be successful without SEO services. They also told you that your site is not visible enough, it loads hard, and needs to be “engineered”, otherwise it does not sell. First of all, let us tell you what SEO services are and why it would help. Search Engine Optimization or in short – SEO services, help increase the relevance of your site in front of the big search engines: Google, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Bing and so on. Let’s say you already have a website and a business. And your business is dealing with growing and selling. A vast field with fierce competition. When you search your own website, only your competitors appear in the first few pages of Google. About 3 pages of Google. There’s still a long way to you and you want to change that. Your next move is to turn to SEO services to increase your site’s position in search engine results for certain keywords. So, those who are looking for you using “unicorn pink” or “small-for-sale unicorns” or “pedigree unicorns” can be found on Google’s first page of searches. Providing SEO services is not as simple as it seems. It’s a long and meticulous process that involves consistent efforts and serious analyzes. It is done in stages.
The first would be:

Site Audit and Keyword Analysis to SEO Services

Any site needs to be optimized according to Google requirements. That’s where everything goes. Then follow the audit of usability and user experience. In short terms, we make sure that when a user enters your site, he has a user-friendly, accessible and enjoyable experience. And for that, we put into practice all the know-how and the skills gained in years of practice. Keywords (or keywords, Google’s word) are the pieces of resistance around which SEO is optimized. These must be chosen with great care and relevant to the site of the promoted site. In conclusion, if you are dealing with the growth of unicorns – we need to find key keywords as well. And we do not get them out of the quiver, but we start a thorough research that reveals exactly the right terms. Here you can mix all sorts of words, from “mythical horses” to “six beautiful horses.” We have the noble mission to select those that can turn any visit into conversion. That is the supreme proof that our SEO service works wonderfully.
What is the conversation story and why is it important? Well, conversion is when a potential client becomes a loyal customer. I mean, a random, curious visitor about unicorns, he suddenly becomes interested and then the buyer seriously. In the SEO service auditing process, we use precise tools such as Google Analytics, SEO Spyglass, Majestic SEO and more. They prove useful when you need to provide information about the traffic on your site (how many users enter per day, weekly, how many clicks, what most of the times it looks, etc.) but also identify the pages on your site that are not well indexed or have technical problems, duplicate content, or missing information. Creating relevant and original content is a challenge itself. A bad picture or entire paragraphs copied and modified with synonyms here and there will instantly be identified as being of low quality for Google Bot (a sort of Google tartar that collects information from the web to facilitate better search). In order to help you, we’ll try to come up with quality pictures (yes, the resolution counts, just the size!), Something infographical where applicable (are fashionable, useful and structured the beautiful information. , so new) and user generated content suggestions (that is, how you can enrich your content and users, from simple reviews to extensive and starred reviews on merit). That means SEO services in the best. Easily, your website about unicorns can grow nicely in one year to another in ten, with support from us and enthusiasm from visitors. At first glance, you have the impression that your site is well-established, but at a more careful analysis, problems start to appear. It’s normal, nothing and no one is perfect. That’s why we’re here to optimize it through SEO services.

Strategy and implementation of basic SEO services

If the strategy doesn’t exists, our efforts to optimize your site will be in vain. Many boast of offering SEO services, but if these do not include the strategy, they do not really offer anything. Therefore, we do everything right, from the very beginning. And we’re not starting a project until we’ve cleared up all the whole plan.
Okay, let’s assume the SEO audit is over. We’ve identified what’s going on and especially what’s wrong. Now, we will need to show you what we have discovered and explain step by step, what each problem identifies and what solutions we propose to remedy it. Let’s move on to the next step of SEO services. It will be a long but constructive discussion without which SEO optimization can not take shape. It is a very important point in the evolution of your site. This is the time when we solve the indexing problems and redirect the less performing pages to the big search engines. By eliminating waste, duplicates, or badly placed visual information, we’re trying to make sure all pages on your site load as quickly as possible. Normally, nobody wants to see a pink unicorn site that loads as you tell a fairy tale. Some visitors get bored quickly, and the difference between staying on your page or clicking on another is by a nanosecond. Another crucial aspect in SEO services is to improve your browsing experience. We all love “clean”, simple and affordable websites. Websites without any visual information, easy to navigate, with easy-to-find products or services, with a “search magnifying glass” and handsfree results at a click away. All the above-mentioned marvels require well-structured basic settings that are reflected in each page included in the SEO service strategy.
If you want your pink unicorn shop to be visited frequently and impact from the first click (we all know that the first impression is the most important), you will have to respect the recommendations of the specialists. We want to make your business worth, no matter what. This means SEO services made by professionals for professionals.

Optimize on Seo service page

Now the action it becomes complicated, but not so badly because we can stiilexplain to you what to expect: Indexing issues in Google can not be solved with one, two or few clicks and three changed words. Here we need the hand of a skillful programmer from our team, who goes directly at the source code of your site and the structure of the URLs to solve the indexing problems in Google. It’s one of those special SEO services, like SEAL defense troops. Then we enter into a complex universe, in which we gravitate words such as tags, HTML, metadata, metales, metacvus and so on. These are precious information that sends the search engine details about a page or category on your site. The title is the central piece because it is the first information that Almighty Google holds about your site. If it’s “Unicorn Pink with Lights,” the problem is half resolved. The important thing is to be different from what your competition is doing and describe perfectly the specifics of your business. In addition, the front page must abstain from keywords for reasons you already know.

Off-page optimization and building links to your site

As in our everyday life, if a product is good, the world talks about it, even the competition. That’s how it works with your site, which we’ll create a direct link profile that comes from sites with the same domain. In this case, “mythical creatures,” “fantasy,” “winged horses,” and so on. Like fairy tales, the storyteller counts. In this case, our copywriter or more precisely our content writer, specialized in SEO services, who knows how to put the key in words and keywords in the optimum place. A specialized writing is a safer, cost-effective and inspirational way to help your site get up. If your site contains repetitive text or paste copy from other sites, Google will feel deeply upset and will penalize you accordingly, believe us on the word.

So, trust the hand of a master of words, who knows how to put the point on “i” and the comma where you do not even know.

Monitoring and reporting of SEO services

Once we’ve built a strategy and implemented it in the smallest details, it’s time to evaluate it. More specifically, let’s see if those pink unicorns we want to bring to the front page of Google searches are really there or have the chance to soon reach pole position. With tools that never fail, we’ll see together if the proposed optimizations have worked out, if link-building has already begun to work, if visitors start converting to users loyal, if the site shows something user-generated content and so on. I mean, if things started to move in favor of your business. So at the end of the month we will present a detailed report in which we analyze each aspect as a book, so that you can fully understand what has worked and together make the best decision. That means complete SEO services. We know it’s a long and difficult time, but we guarantee that your destination is somewhere on the verge of success. And not because we like to say fairy tales but because we like to create epic sites right.


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