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Lansare ICO 2018

ICO launching preamble

Before talking about our special ICO launch or Initial Coin Offering service, let’s talk about Virtual Coins or cryptocurrencies, which we are convinced you’ve heard, but maybe not from professionals.

So what is a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a non-bank digital currency used for all kinds of transactions, from buying products and services to real estate. Some examples are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Neo, or Litecoin.
This type of currency uses cryptography and is often confused with the electronic currency. The latter is the electronic version of banknotes and coins and can be stored on an electronic payment device. It was used for low value payments, while cryptocurrency is intended for high value payments. Criptocurrency is only in electronic wallets and can only be used for certain types of transactions. It is important to note that transactions in cryptocurrency are secured by cryptography between virtual wallets. I mean, if you want to transfer someone 3 Bitcoin from your virtual pocket into his, the transaction is encrypted with a private key, alphanumeric (and as long as a post day) that prevents it from altering or modifying it. A cryptographic key is made from an algorithm that involves two individual keys, one secret and one public key, both linked to the algorithm. In short, there is nothing more secure than a cryptocurrency transaction. Not even the biggest deals between corporations, signed and approved by five teams of lawyers and three bankers. The effort is minimal and guaranteed satifaction. According to the latest studies, around 10 new coins are being launched on the market every day, and investing in a cryptocurrency brings more returns than investing in a digital one. Something to consider when you later think of an ICO launch as a business idea. You can buy a cryptocurrency or you can get it through mining, but not by yourself. Participants are called “miners”. They check, put on the date and share transactions in a public database, called blockchain (block of blocks), where data is collected and transaction points are linked. Careful! Not everyone can do mining. This operation is particularly laborious and involves not only a good Internet connection and a powerful computer but many algorithms generated by many miners. They combine their processing power to generate algorithms that produce cryptocurrency.

More specifically, what are the advantages of using a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is something special. It does not hold a central bank, like a common currency. Unlike her less innovative sister, cryptocurrency can always create an encrypted backup. Therefore, she will not dare to steal it because she has nothing to do with her afterwards.
Still good news, it would be that the personal data of those involved in the transactions are hidden. Thieves in the virtual world can not find out. If in the case of coins, a bank card or the money you have online banking is exposed to cardholders or hackers, well, cryptocurrency is completely free of such dangers.
When making a payment in cryptocurrency, your personal data is not associated with the transaction. You can make any transfers anywhere in the world and you do not have to wait until the next day for them to validate and your account to be filled. There is absolutely no limit on the amount for transfers and the commissions are variable. Also, the value of a crypto coin can grow spectacular from day to day.

Proof-of-work and Proof-of-Stake, part of the ICO

We can not move on to ICO launching discussions until we have yet another look. Or two. You have probably already heard in a sentence about Bitcoin and the term “Proof-Of-Work” or “POW”. It is a security protocol used by Bitcoin and Ethereum, based on hashing algorithms (mathematical calculations). The protocol was designed to prevent cyber attacks or spam abuse on a network or an electronic service. Such a system requires, before sending any message on the network, solving a mathematical problem involving the power of a computer. And this to discourage a potential attacker who is trying to generate spam in the network, sending out a multitude of messages. He does not have the necessary calculation power to affinize the attack. Simply, it is blocked along the way. Proof of Stake (POS – “proof of participation”) is another security algorithm for virtual currency transactions, which works a little bit different but is just as effective. Here an algorithm picks up miners’ nodes, depending on how many coins each miner holds. Those who have many coins have a high chance of being elected to add new nodes to a powerful blockchain and claim a new currency.

Lansare ICO

What does an ICO actually mean?

For more than a year, the initial currency offers (ICOs) are the latest trend for start-up financing. More than 3.4 billion dollars were invested in 211 successful ICOs in 2017. ICO or token offerings are used to raise funds to set up a new company through initial public offerings. That is, instead of giving investors shares in the new company, ICO offers to investors tokenies in cryptocurrency. These tokens can be marketed or used to buy something from the company or can guarantee access to a particular platform. The ICO launch process is done in 3 stages. Investors have the opportunity to acquire cryptocurrency to reach two capitalization thresholds called “Softcap” and “Hardcap”. The softcap is the first capital threshold. It is easy to reach almost any ICO launch. Problems can occur at the second threshold, Hardcap, the total capitalization threshold that a company must achieve for cryptocurrency to be released. In short terms, you do not have Hardcap, you do not have ICO launch. But let’s go back to the first ICO launch phase called “Private Sale”. Here and now, more investors and big players have talks with those who created cryptocurrency and eventually invest in it. The second stage or “Pre-Sale” is the moment when anyone on the market (even you) can book a number of cryptocurrency after signing a contract. Please note that not every ICO release is booked! The third round of ICO launches is “Crowdsale”, in which absolutely anyone can buy the new currency. Here we can talk about the ICO launch itself. It is said that at the Crowdsale stage, Ethereum was sold out in less than a minute. Those who invested Bitcoins in the currency immediately received the new currency in exchange for the old one. When a currency is launched, it is not automatically listed on the stock exchange. You must first check its evolution, it must be validated by specialists and once its value reaches a certain and constant level, it then makes its appearance on the market, including in exchange shops, along with the traditional currency. The launch of ICO can be a very profitable business, a smart way to invest in cryptocurrency. The best example is the ethereum currency, which at the launch was only $ 0.314, for 2 years later it increased by 314.000%. You make the calculation by yourself.

Why should you use us for an ICO launch?

With us, you have clear benefits and complete services We offer everything that an ICO launch needs from virtual wallet to website, currency, platform, promotion, company setting up in the UK and the US, and a bonus, an animated presentation movie, for an upcoming ICO launch. But let’s take them one at a time.

  • We start with the coin, without which I do not even think about ICO launching. We grow it together and develop together, following the path we have mentioned above.
  • Any cryptocurrency needs an electronic wallet that keeps specific information and can be used to make transactions.

A Bitcoin wallet, for example, is the virtual version of a bank account, but it can be an application that takes various forms. The digital wallet stocks the password you need to access the Bitcoin address.
It’s practical, the way to cryptocurrency. As in the everyday life there is not one type of wallet, this being an object whose diversity encompasses millions of shapes and colors, so in the virtual world, you can choose a wallet as you need it to be personalize according to your needs, the phone or laptop that you will use and, of course, the operating system of your device. Our virtual wallet is compatible with operating systems like Windows, Mac, Raspberry and Android, and of course also comes in mobile.

  • Our ICO launch offer includes the creationt of a UK and US company or business with all necessary legislative documents.
  • The website we will create specifically for ICO launch has a complex structure and is executed to the highest security standards for such a project type. All the sensitive data is safe, as if at the bank.
  • The next phase of promotion is crucial, in the process of launching ICO. For this currency to be successful on the market, we will set up complex, market-efficient mechanisms.
    Having said that, we expect you to talk about a successful ICO launch.
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